I would like to thank CandoFM for the opportunity of presenting my own show. I first approached another local Radio Station called Abbey FM, but I was informed that they do not allow anything that isn’t on their playlist already. This station has now closed; I’m not saying there is any connection.

When I found out that there was another station broadcasting in the town, I found  I had a friend connection and approached them. At the time they were based in the local college, but were looking to move and build an independent community based station. To my delight they openly accepted my idea of the Ska and Reggae Show and agreed that as a specialist show it should go on a little later.

I am now an experienced presenter with over a years worth of experience. I not only present my own show, but also regularly appear on a magazine based programme about our local area: Owt and About. Through this show I am trying to improve my interviewing technique so that I can incorporate a few interviews in the Ska and Reggae Show.

I hope to continue with CandoFM for as long as they will let me.